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About Me

1971 model living in Haugesund on the west coast of Norway. Passionate about my family, music and photography. I constantly take pictures, mostly using my Microsoft Lumia 950 phone. I used to run around with my trusty old Canon 40D and 5D, but in recent years they have been collection dust in my attic. 

I have been collection records ever since I bought my first vinyl record at the age of 12. I lost count years ago, but I think the collection now counts around 16000 records. I have started to make digital backup of all records and at the same time adding them to my profile on discogs.

I have also been working as a DJ for almost 30 years and as a Radio DJ for almost as long. Currently I am working at Samson Bar & Café in Haugesund and I am hosting the weekly Top 40 show at Radio Haugaland.

Last year I invested in software and equipment in order to make my own music. My feet are firmly placed on mother earth so the music making is for my own personal satisfaction, but on my soundcloud page you can have a listen to some of the songs I make. PS! I constantly add and remove tracks.

Ingve Moss Liknes